Cross #6


Cross #6


This amazing design of the cross will take every breath. The design is a little bit gothic. Like some patterns in German cathedrals. A similar pattern can be noticed in some cathedrals in Prague.

The cross is a symbol of the Christian religion. It is used to represent the form on which Jesus Christ was crucified. The burden he had to carry to same the living ones. To save our souls.

It is undoubtedly the symbol of Christianity and the Christian religion.

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What’s included:

  • Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) vector file

Vector graphics are the ideal graphic format for tattoos, as they can be resized to any shape without losing quality. They can be adjusted to any resolution and can be viewed on all devices & operating systems.

Once the stencil has been downloaded, you can either print it out or forward it to your tattoo artist.

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